Friday, 18 May 2012

Tauntaun Sleeping Bag

squeee *fans self* Please allow for a purely nerdtastic moment. What blazing genius came up with this? The Tauntuan sleeping bag from far and away trumps the Return of the Jedi one I had as a wee lass. Of course Old Faithful will always hold a most treasured place in my heart for sheer volume of awesome childhood sleepover memories but regardez: this bad boy comes all plushed out, complete with entrails lining and lightsaber pull. Truly inspired. Only thing that's missing is the fresh scent of Tauntaun innards to jolt you wide awake in the morning. Perhaps they could add a scratch and sniff feature? Nerdgasms - I am having them. Any self-respecting Star Wars afficionado would jump on this merch train right away.

old faithful

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Red Riding Hood

             I've been painting driftwood and reading fairy tales.  
Writing children's books seems like it'd be a worthwhile pursuit.

                             Grandmother's slippers
                              Tea-soaked bags
                               Bread & butter pudding
                                Seen through cracks

                             All is fullness
                              Pervading peace
                               Til the pull
                                of fang-bared teeth

                             Echoes down forest lane
                              Red robin's breast
                               Bloody, broken, maimed
                                Tattered lupine mess

                                                        Eep. Then again, maybe not.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Doth Mother Know You Weareth Her Drapes?

Tee hee. My love for Joss Whedon knows no bounds. This man has given us so much celluloid gold over the years. He sucked me into the Buffy-verse which I followed faithfully (read: fanatically) for 7 years. Sing it with me MJ: *Gone too soon*. Then came Firefly and the phenomenal Serenity, and now he's moved onwards and upwards (budget wise anyway) to The Avengers. Not to mention he stands up for women's rights. lahv lahv lahv! 

Is there no end to his general awesomeness? hmm computer says nooo. So yeah, the movie was good solid popcorn fun. To be fair, Serenity unquestionably trounces The Avengers hands down in terms of characters & plot (motley crew stuck on a dirigible ring any bells?) but hey, the man still makes the multi-superhero premise work with just the right amount of snarky self-awareness thrown in courtesy of Tony Snark.. oops I meant Stark. I just about lost it when Iron Man tells Hawkeye to clench & dubs him Legolas in the very same breath. Oh RDJ, you slay me.

So while 'The Avengers' isn't quite the greatest superhero movie of all time, it's still a pretty good way to spend part of your day without leaving you dazed and muttering, 'well that's two hours of my life I'm never getting back'. Esp loved the bonus scene where the team is chowing down on shawarma and everyone's quiet and contemplative except Thor of course, who's all about stuffing his face. Oh and casting Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner = rumpled-twitchy-nonchalant perfection. Who woulda thunk it? Only JWhede can catapult the Hulk from being a damp raspberried afterthought to much hurrahed new fan favorite. Can't help but wonder if Edward Norton and Eric Bana are off in self-flagellation mode somewhere..

PS: oh heyy Michael Bayy, this is what action movies are made of. ahem.
PPS: Black Widow is so badass, she makes me wanna take up Mexican wrestling.. like the world really needs to see that.


Tuesday, 1 May 2012

All Sons & Daughters

love. this. song.