Friday, 16 November 2012

Baptism, here I cometh!

Cool testimony at baptizmo class today:
This guy had a tattoo on his chest that said, "satan lives here" or "I belong to satan", something icky like that. Guess he was dabbling in the occult before he was saved? So anyway, at baptism class he mentioned that one of his biggest regrets was getting that tattoo. No kidding, cos laser-removing that sucker would be painful and expensive. Even then it'd probably still leave a stain or scarring on his skin.
But pshaw! No matter, our God is greater!
Fast forward to the day of his actual baptism: He gets immersed in water, comes up all squeaky clean and whatnot then goes to change into dry clothes; which is when he realizes that the ick-nast tattoo is GONE. Poof! Bam! Boom! Finito! Jehovah Rapha in the house! haha wonderful God! Yay Jesus! /cool story.

Now I can't wait to get dunked. Like a donut in coffee. Cookies in milk. mmmm. Always thought it was more of a public declaration, but now I believe there are significant spiritual implications that go along with water baptism. Jesus got baptized by J-Bap before he started His public ministry so that pretty much settles it. Just imitate Jesus, seek God and everything will come up roses.
Pastor Cui Xian also mentioned to be alert for spiritual warfare in the coming days. Be self-controlled and very alert, your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour. (only like a roaring lion though, not an actual one) boo. hiss. But I put on the full armor of God so that I can take my stand against the devil's schemes.
My cousin once said, "There's a tiger inside of you!" aka Lion of Judah! Watch out yall, we be takin' the land.
Also Maori tiger. Cos he funny.

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